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Money for nothing?

1. Open a new Nimbly storefront or simply login to your shop.

2. Set up one or more class lists with a costume requirement.

3. Sell costumes to your class through Nimbly!

Any studio owner has big aspirations for their business. But often the day-to-day upkeep takes a multitask-master just to keep things running smoothly. Selling dancewear and costumes to your students sounds great, but that can be a lot of work on top of running the studio. 

Limited Time Offer! Earn $50 extra profit this costume season in just 3 easy steps:

*Terms: $50 voucher will be awarded to your account once you sell at least 4 units from your first class through Nimbly. $10 vouchers will be awarded for each additional class that sells at least 4 costumes. Vouchers will be applied to customer's wholesale account and can be used on Revolution or Tenth House merchandise purchased direct between July 1 and Sept 30, 2018.

Enter Nimbly, your snappy shopkeeper. 

Created by Revolution, Nimbly allows you to sell dancewear, costumes, and accessories to all your dancers without the heavy lifting. Let Nimbly do your shopkeeping so you can focus on your studio. You’ll make extra income in a snap and your studio gets its own beautiful online boutique. Check it off the list.

An average Nimbly dance studio spends only about an hour per week on dress code and costume management. Compare that to over 200 hours per season without Nimbly. You do the hard work of attracting and retaining students. Let Nimbly help you profit from the products they need for class and stage.

How much will you earn? For selling dancewear alone, multiply your number of students by $65. If you have 150 students, that’s $9,750 profit. Sound good? It gets even better.


Nimbly ensures on-time delivery by using order deadlines that are well ahead of your needs by date. You never have to stress about your dancers being performance-ready. They'll always be properly outfitted for class. We seamlessly manage the timeline so you have one less thing to keep track of. No problem!


Want the details on how Nimbly works for your studio or how to setup your shop? Read our FAQ or download our user manual by clicking the links.


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